The FUSION Team:

Since 1988 our clients have told us that we’re genuinely different: we listen, we put ourselves in their shoes, and we think creatively.  We’ve built lasting relationships because we focus on making a difference by inspiring sustainable growth. Our business is all about being a catalyst for individual and organizational transformation.

We will move your organization forward by being: a strategic advisor, a solutions facilitator, and an execution coach.

Fusion Consulting is driven by the following core beliefs:

  1.   Change is the law of life.
  2.   Live your priorities.
  3.   Do what you love.
  4.   People support that which they help create.




Fred McLean

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Fred’s passion is supporting people in their growth towards focused and enriched professional lives. He helps individuals develop their personal effectiveness habits and team leadership skills. Fred also specializes in assisting individuals and organizations in leadership development, business evaluation, development and implementation of strategic and cultural change initiatives and in management evaluation.


Scott Guest

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Scott’s passions are creating an environment for business and personal growth and driving out practical steps that use your firm’s intellectual capital to move you, your team or company to the next level of growth and satisfaction. He has a unique ability to manage change, to make strategies practical and actionable, and to engage people and teams in the process of renewal and growth.


Kate McLean

Kate is responsible for the supervision and delivery of most of the infrastructure that makes FUSION work. She is your first contact when you phone our office and will relay communications to our various consultants wherever they may be. Kate has been the Project Coordinator with FUSION since it was formed in 1988 and offers the support so that we can deliver on our services.


Holly Schkura

Holly helps FUSION define their business with professional designs. As a graphic and website designer, she has the ability to design a variety of branded material for both print and digital formats. She has been working with the FUSION team since 2011.

Bill Brown, Partner in Tektōn

Bill has been helping clients understand, develop and deploy technology solutions for almost 30 years. With broad experience across many areas of technology, Bill brings a wealth or knowledge and practical knowhow, allowing him to troubleshoot and problem-solve with you to come up with solutions. Over the last 10 years, almost all his efforts have been focused on assisting medical departments/programs with physician/trainee scheduling and assessment/evaluation.

Dan Jaremko, Partner in Tektōn

Dan excels at problem solving and has been helping clients for the past 25 years build technology solutions for common business challenges. Dan’s background as a senior manager in the education system, along with his human resource experience and a long term business owner, have given him the depth of experience to develop an understanding of and ability to create solutions. For more than ten years, Dan’s focus has been in the areas of hospital administration and medical education.

Randy Parkin, Our partner in customized surveys

Randy enjoys the challenge of developing leaders and their teams, particularly at an organization’s front-lines.  With 30+ years as learning designer, workshop facilitator, personal coach and consultant, clients appreciate his insight, progressive ideas and direct, practical approach. Randy also works with managers and HR professionals to design 360 assessment processes and stakeholder surveys that deliver the information they need to make better business decisions.

Greg Magennis, Our partner in providing personality profiles

Greg’s life purpose is to “Inspire people to discover and become their best self.” Using unbiased assessment, feedback, and self-reflection, Greg leads individual’s and teams through a structured approach to liberate the value inherent in each person contributing to a shared vision or purpose. Whether it is leading an Executive Recruiting initiative, facilitating Leadership Development, or helping a client reveal the hidden value that exists within the people of their organization, its all about supporting you & your people to engage life at work.


partner-corporate-compass partner-axiom ventis
At Corporate Compass we’re in the business of helping you get the information you need – conveniently, confidentially and cost-effectively. Our services let you focus on your business while we take care of the technical details. Choose the solution that is right for you, including: custom 360 degree or multi-rater assessments; employee surveys for engagement or satisfaction; individual work style profiling; and team profiling. Axiom Human Resource Development is one of the leading providers of personality and cognitive profiling. Our products offer Fusion affordable and effective assessment solutions for recruitment and development, management and team building, sales & negotiation strategies. A complete ecosystem to manage your healthcare administrative, educational, and clinical activities.