FUSION is about bringing your leadership team together and gaining the real value from fusing the collective intelligence within your organization.

  • Environmental Analysis – Strategic Analysis
  • Marketplace research / Stakeholder Analysis / Core Competencies / Performance Drivers / Business & Operational Assessments
  • Build powerful and transformational corporate mission, values, vision and strategic initiatives
  • Assist you in the “how to” achieving your Vision – in developing strategic plans and initiatives and projects to get you there
  • Develop and operationalize performance measurement systems to monitor your on-going strategic performance – the Balanced Scorecard

  • Organizational restructuring
  • Develop, review, and reengineer your business model and processes.
  • Defining Roles & Priority Activities
  • Develop Organizational ‘Recipe for Success’
  • Financial Service Distribution Strategy Assessment (Development & Deployment)
  • Establish the best distribution strategies & best disciplines
  • Performance Management System & Tools

  • Ensure your executives including board members are ‘aligned’ and all ‘on the same page’
  • Help you mold and create the required culture for your organization to reach its goals
  • Employee engagement and alignment process consulting

  • “Doing” change in a sustainable way is not a given and many of our clients appreciate the guidance/insight we can provide to ensure
  • Develop a leading change plan and process
  • Leading change management development programs

  • Development of a comprehensive business plan
  • Creation of Action Plans and organizational disciplines required for implementation

  • Well defined process for TPAs and group brokers

  • Leaders have the needed mind sets and skills to navigate the inevitable noise attached to change:
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Best practice Leadership & Management disciplines

  • External Sounding Board
  • Personal Renewal
  • Follow up on the strategic plans
  • Leadership development, based on individual needs
  • Executive Coaching Leadership Development
  • Leadership & Management Program
  • Sales & Sales Management Program

  • Organizational Alignment Survey
  • 360 Effective Leader Survey
  • Client Surveys – Customized
  • Employee Surveys – Customized
  • Financial Service Practice Management Assessment
  • Personality Profiles (AXIOM)


Image Map

Every organization is perfectly aligned
to get the results it gets!

1.  Environmental Analysis 2.  Direction 3.  Organizational Design
4.  People/Behaviour
  • Products & Services
  • Stakeholders
  • Competitive Canvas
  • Infrastructure
  • Marketplace
  • Foundation
  • Future
  • Framework/Strategies
  • Priorities & Operational
    /Business Plan
  • Processes/Roles/Structures
  • Disciplines/Success Recipe
    /Business Model
  • Technology
  • Understanding
  • Capability
  • Engagement
  • Organizational



Keeping on Top of Change

Keeping on top of change refers to the impact of a changing landscape, which includes:

  • Marketplace
  • Technology
  • Demographics
  • Competition
  • Government regulation
  • Globalization


Continuing Growth Curve

Continuing growth curve refers to strategies for continuing sales/revenue growth:

  • Bottom and top line pressure
  • Organizational renewal & continuous improvement
  • Organizational value growth
  • Managing growth


Resource Gaps

  • Talent finding, attracting & developing
  • Technology solutions
  • Financial
  • Products & services
  • Marketing & distribution


Managing Priorities

  • Disciplined strategic process
  • Defining the real priorities
  • Executing priorities


Building the Right Culture

  • What is the culture today
  • What needs to change
  • Rebuilding the environment