FUSION is about bringing your leadership team together and gaining the real value from fusing the collective intelligence within your organization.


Every organization is perfectly aligned to get the results it gets!

Environmental Analysis & Strategy Development

  • Environmental Analysis – Strategic Analysis
  • Marketplace research / Stakeholder Analysis / Core Competencies / Performance Drivers / Business & Operational Assessments
  • Build powerful and transformational corporate mission, values, vision and strategic initiatives
  • Assist you in the “how to” achieving your Vision – in developing strategic plans and initiatives and projects to get you there
  • Develop and operationalize performance measurement systems to monitor your on-going strategic performance – the Balanced Scorecard

Business Process, Roles and Structure Design

  • Organizational restructuring
  • Develop, review, and reengineer your business model and processes.
  • Defining Roles & Priority Activities
  • Develop Organizational ‘Recipe for Success’
  • Financial Service Distribution Strategy Assessment (Development & Deployment)
  • Establish the best distribution strategies & best disciplines
  • Performance Management System & Tools

Organizational Alignment

  • Ensure your executives including board members are ‘aligned’ and all ‘on the same page’
  • Help you mold and create the required culture for your organization to reach its goals
  • Employee engagement and alignment process consulting

Leading Change

  • “Doing” change in a sustainable way is not a given and many of our clients appreciate the guidance/insight we can provide to ensure
  • Develop a leading change plan and process
  • Leading change management development programs

Business Plan Execution

  • Development of a comprehensive business plan
  • Creation of Action Plans and organizational disciplines required for implementation

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Well defined process for TPAs and group brokers

Leadership Development

  • Leaders have the needed mind sets and skills to navigate the inevitable noise attached to change:
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Best practice Leadership & Management disciplines

Executive Coaching

  • External Sounding Board
  • Personal Renewal
  • Follow up on the strategic plans
  • Leadership development, based on individual needs
  • Executive Coaching Leadership Development
  • Leadership & Management Program
  • Sales & Sales Management Program

Assessment Tools

  • Organizational Alignment Survey
  • 360 Effective Leader Survey
  • Client Surveys – Customized
  • Employee Surveys – Customized
  • Financial Service Practice Management Assessment
  • Personality Profiles (AXIOM)


Keeping on Top of Change


Keeping on Top
of Change

Keeping on top of change refers to the impact of a changing landscape, which includes:

  • Marketplace
  • Technology
  • Demographics
  • Competition
  • Government regulation
  • Globalization
Continuing Growth Curve


Growth Curve

Continuing growth curve refers to strategies for continuing sales/revenue growth:

  • Bottom and top line pressure
  • Organizational renewal & continuous improvement
  • Organizational value growth
  • Managing growth
Resource Gaps


Resource Gaps

  • Talent finding, attracting & developing
  • Technology solutions
  • Financial
  • Products & services
  • Marketing & distribution
Managing Priorities


Managing Priorities

  • Disciplined strategic process
  • Defining the real priorities
  • Executing priorities
Building the Right Culture


Building the
Right Culture

  • What is the culture today
  • What needs to change
  • Rebuilding the environment