Managing in a Changing World
‘Your WHY & Deep Understanding of Clients’

This newsletter is Part 3 in a 4 part series on ‘Managing in a Changing World’. Ultimately, organizations are about ‘making a difference’ in peoples’ lives. To accomplish this, there are two critical stakeholders that will determine the top and bottom line significance/success of the organization.

We will be exploring the New Rules of the Game (#3 & #4) in this newsletter.

An Inspiring and Impactful WHY:  WHY your organization exists is the cultural message that clearly resonates with your team members and is recognized by your customers/clients.

Deep Understanding of your Clients:  The pace of change has created a complex environment with a high degree of ambiguity and uncertainty, as well as instability.  To merely meet your customers’ needs will not provide the key differentiation to sustain your organization into the future.

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