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Managing in a Changing World – Part 3: Your WHY & Deep Understanding of Clients

Managing in a Changing World
‘Your WHY & Deep Understanding of Clients’

This newsletter is Part 3 in a 4 part series on ‘Managing in a Changing World’. Ultimately, organizations are about ‘making a difference’ in peoples’ lives. To accomplish this, there are two critical stakeholders that will determine the top and bottom line significance/success of the organization.

We will be exploring the New Rules of the Game (#3 & #4) in this newsletter.

An Inspiring and Impactful WHY:  WHY your organization exists is the cultural message that clearly resonates with your team members and is recognized by your customers/clients.

Deep Understanding of your Clients:  The pace of change has created a complex environment with a high degree of ambiguity and uncertainty, as well as instability.  To merely meet your customers’ needs will not provide the key differentiation to sustain your organization into the future.

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Managing in a Changing World – Part 2: Mindful and Inspiring Talent

Managing in a Changing World
Mindful & Inspiring Talent

This newsletter is Part 2 in a 4 part series of ‘Managing in a Changing World’. We are in a ‘digital age’ and the impact of new technologies is altering so much within our environment. A critical element in “The New Rules of the Game’ requires talent that is totally engaged and accountable. Interestingly, finding good talent is one of the top 3 items that has been identified as ‘a most pressing challenge’ for business leaders today.

In examining this second new rule, we will examine a number of aspects related to the talent within your organization including: what and where ‘mindfulness’ fits organizationally, the cultural aspects that create ‘inspiration’ and a unique look at ‘a new era of leadership’ as defined by McKinsey and Company.

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Managing in a Changing World – Part 1: A Winner’s Mindset

Managing in a Changing World
‘A Winner’s Mindset’

This newsletter is Part 1 in a 4 part series of ‘Managing in a Changing World’. Given the realities of our present and foreseeable future business environment, we introduced what we see as ‘The New Rules of the Game’. They are as follows:

  1.   A Winner’s Mindset
  2.   Mindful & inspiring talent (+ a new era of leadership)
  3.   An inspiring & impactful WHY
  4.   Deep understanding of your clients & potential clients
  5.   The RITE Approach – Research / Innovate / Test / Execute
  6.   Organizational Agility
  7.   Disciplined Focus

In examining this first new rule, we need to set the stage that this element is representative of the overall ‘state of mind’ (individual outlook) of all team members, beginning with the leadership. Of course a ‘state of mind’, is validated by the day-to-day behaviours exhibited personally, to the internal and external audiences. There are 5 specific areas that are critical to having a winner’s mindset.

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Managing in a Changing World

Managing in a Changing World

This newsletter is an introduction to a 4 part series in ‘Managing in a Changing World’.  As part of the introduction, we would like to ask you to reflect on all of the changes affecting you and your organization today Then set the stage for a mindful approach to lead yourself and your organization into the future.
In a CEO survey we completed in 2015, the following were identified as the most pressing challenges facing organizational leaders:
  1. How to grow to the next level
  2. Dealing with the change coming at us
  3. Getting good people
In thinking about #2, we must first reflect on the key change questions to ask ourselves:

  1. What are the internal (within your organization) changes that have occurred in the past 12 months?
  2. What do you see as the most significant factors affecting your clients?  What is the impact of these factors on your clients?
  3. What do these internal and external changes mean to us and how are they impacting our organization?

We have developed a process on this changing world, entitled ‘Organizational Forward Motion Ingredients’, which may be of interest to your senior management team, board or at an upcoming organizational conference.  The elements of this process, include the following:

  • Seismic Shifts – what are the change dimensions
  • A New World – impact of the change
  • New Rules of the Game
  • Building Excitement – reinventing your organization


Download the New Rules of the Game (PDF)


Where from here?

  1. We would encourage you to take some time with your leadership team to review the key change questions
  2. Our 4 part series will be as follows:
    a.  Part 1 – ‘A Winner’s Mindset’
    b.  Part 2 – Mindful & Inspiring talent – new era in leadership
    c.  Part 3 – Your WHY & deep understanding of clients
    d.  Part 4 – Disciplined Focus

Questions are the Answer (October 2015)

Good day,

This is the second of a three-part series of fall newsletters that address the theme of ‘Questions are the Answer’. This theme considers the importance and value derived from asking relevant questions as a critical part of any decision making process.

We have identified 12 areas of effectiveness within an organization followed by the key question for each area.

We would welcome your feedback on these questions and any additional ones that you may feel should be included.


Questions for Leaders

Leadership is all about an individual ‘showing &/or paving the way’ to others on their team. With this in mind, the following are questions to discuss with each of your direct reports, on a one-on-one basis.

  1. Leadership
    Do we have the right people and talent on the leadership team?
  2. Stakeholders
    Do we have a comprehensive understanding of our key stakeholders?
  3. Change
    What do we know and what are we doing about the change affecting us?
  4. Products & Services
    Are our products & services meeting the needs & bringing value to our present & potential customers?
  5. Direction – Purpose, Vision & Strategy
    Do we have a meaningful organizational purpose (or WHY), an empowering vision and strategy for execution?
  6. Resources
    What resources do we need to be successful and what are our gaps?
  7. Structure
    Do we have the right business model in place?
  8. Structure
    Do we have an organizational design that enables us to reach our goals?
  9. Engagement
    Do we have what is required to engage our team members?
  10. Alignment
    Is our senior management team aligned with the really important areas of success?
  11. Culture
    Do we have the culture in place that we consciously desire?
  12. Financials
    Do we understand our economics for success and track our results?

Fusion’s WHY
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Our Value Proposition
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