We are facing a time of unprecedented change – revolutionary impact from technology advancements, global economic restructuring, the third act for North American baby boomers and significant environmental shifts, to name a few. There are very few exceptions of organizations that are not being affected by these tidal forces.

All this to say, ‘how does all this change affect strategic thinking and planning?’ There are two perspectives that I would like to challenge you with, as it relates to this question. First, the importance of evaluating the environmental changes affecting your organization, continues to be a critical lever in staying ahead of the game, from a marketplace positioning standpoint. To this end, there is a stronger need to ensure you are completing the due diligence of assessing empirical data and not a superficial interpretation and from this in an innovative fashion, re inventing your organization. The second perspective is that with the pace of change, this strategic thinking and planning becomes not ‘an annual event’, but an ongoing discussion and agenda item, for you and your leadership team. Strategy and organizational priorities need to be incorporated in ‘a live manner’ within your organizational disciplines and supporting tools.

To this end, I thought you would find the attached article from PWCs ‘Strategy + Business’ magazine of interest and possible value, in assessing your organizational agility.

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