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This is the second of a three-part series of fall newsletters that address the theme of ‘Questions are the Answer’. This theme considers the importance and value derived from asking relevant questions as a critical part of any decision making process.

We have identified 12 areas of effectiveness within an organization followed by the key question for each area.

We would welcome your feedback on these questions and any additional ones that you may feel should be included.


Questions for Leaders

Leadership is all about an individual ‘showing &/or paving the way’ to others on their team. With this in mind, the following are questions to discuss with each of your direct reports, on a one-on-one basis.

  1. Leadership
    Do we have the right people and talent on the leadership team?
  2. Stakeholders
    Do we have a comprehensive understanding of our key stakeholders?
  3. Change
    What do we know and what are we doing about the change affecting us?
  4. Products & Services
    Are our products & services meeting the needs & bringing value to our present & potential customers?
  5. Direction – Purpose, Vision & Strategy
    Do we have a meaningful organizational purpose (or WHY), an empowering vision and strategy for execution?
  6. Resources
    What resources do we need to be successful and what are our gaps?
  7. Structure
    Do we have the right business model in place?
  8. Structure
    Do we have an organizational design that enables us to reach our goals?
  9. Engagement
    Do we have what is required to engage our team members?
  10. Alignment
    Is our senior management team aligned with the really important areas of success?
  11. Culture
    Do we have the culture in place that we consciously desire?
  12. Financials
    Do we understand our economics for success and track our results?

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