Managing in a Changing World
‘A Winner’s Mindset’

This newsletter is Part 1 in a 4 part series of ‘Managing in a Changing World’. Given the realities of our present and foreseeable future business environment, we introduced what we see as ‘The New Rules of the Game’. They are as follows:

  1.   A Winner’s Mindset
  2.   Mindful & inspiring talent (+ a new era of leadership)
  3.   An inspiring & impactful WHY
  4.   Deep understanding of your clients & potential clients
  5.   The RITE Approach – Research / Innovate / Test / Execute
  6.   Organizational Agility
  7.   Disciplined Focus

In examining this first new rule, we need to set the stage that this element is representative of the overall ‘state of mind’ (individual outlook) of all team members, beginning with the leadership. Of course a ‘state of mind’, is validated by the day-to-day behaviours exhibited personally, to the internal and external audiences. There are 5 specific areas that are critical to having a winner’s mindset.

To find out more about these areas:

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